Tricks to combine your bag or backpack with your outfit

Tricks to combine your bag or backpack with your outfit

Are you tired of carrying your blue or black basic bag every day? So that all your bags and backpacks combine with your favorite sets. You simply have to select a complimentary bag tone that makes your outfit stand out, both for work outfits and weekend ones. Then, in this article, we tell you some tricks to combine your bag or backpack with your outfit. Do not miss them!

Tips to combine your bag or backpack with your outfit

To find a combination or mixture of colors that are visually pleasing or that goes with your style. It only takes a little common sense and some basic tricks. These tips to combine your bag or backpack with your outfit can be very useful. When you are going to combine clothes and select from your wardrobe. What you are going to wear every morning.

Black and white look

You can mix a printed bag with a black, red or white outfit, as long as the bag and the clothes share the same color palette. For example, when you wear a black dress and black high-heeled shoes, carry backpacks and bags with leopard or zebra print with black, white, cream and khaki tones. Or, if you prefer a solid color bag, carry a red, yellow, pink, sky blue or orange bag to give a touch of color that stands out.

Garments of brown, cream and navy blue

On weekdays when you want to wear a neutral color and are tired of wearing black, brown and blue tones are the perfect substitutes. For work, combine these colors with bags or backpacks yellow, green or purple. We recommend you take a look at these offers of backpacks. If they fit the look with our indications.bag or backpack1

In the spring, if you wear tops and dresses printed with blue stripes. Our bag recommendations are the turquoise green or standard green with brown pants, or red leather bag and jeans for a nautical look.

Pieces of pastel colors

Do you want to look cool and fabulous for spring? Wear pastel clothing such as light blue, lavender, pale pink and lime green with gray, white, camel or charcoal gray handbags to match your bag or backpack with your outfit. If you’re going to put on a pair of pink pants and a green blouse to go out at night. You can wear a metallic silver bag to balance the pastel color scheme.

Garments in bright tones

If you want to combine your bag or backpack with your outfit in a perfect way, mix silk fabrics and cotton in light green, blue, turquoise and purple with bags or backpacks in neutral colors such as brown, cream, and charcoal gray. You can give a special touch to a violet, green-pink or standard green skirt with a gray suede handbag and metal-colored platform heels for work. Or get an authentic party look with a sequined bag inlaid with jewels. Opt for a scarf with striking print with gray, green and silver to complement your golden tones. So that the final result is not too excessive attire.

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