Tips and advice to shape and make eyebrows

Tips and advice to shape and make eyebrows

The eyebrows are an important part of the face since they give expression to the eyes. Remember that the first impression is always important. So you must be prepared for each occasion with perfect eyebrows. However, not all of us have sufficiently populated eyebrows, so it is necessary that you learn to shape and make eyebrows correctly.

How to shape and make eyebrows correctly

Next, we will show you how you can shape and make up your eyebrows so that they look dense, defined and symmetrical.

First, to have the proper shape you must determine where your eyebrow begins and where it ends:

  1. Take a pencil, or any object with a straight line and place it vertically next to the outer side of your nose. Where the pencil coincides with the line of the eyebrow is the point where it should start, mark it so that you have it as a reference and repeat with the other eye.
  2. Place the pencil in the manner explained above and tilt it to the corner of the eye, the point where the pencil crosses with the line of the eyebrow is where you should finish the eyebrow.
  3. To determine the arc, place the pencil at the same initial point, and tilt it until it passes over your iris and pupil. The point where it crosses with the eyebrow is the location of the arch. Now join the dots with the eyebrow pencil and start to remove the hairs that are outside with a clip.shape and make eyebrows

How to make up eyebrows

The color is essential. Many women choose the color of their eyebrows badly and there is no way to make them look natural. The trick is to choose a color exactly the same as the root of your hair or a little lighter.

With a pencil

This is the most used way. You must do it carefully and in a very delicate way so that it does not look artificial and the lines do not look very marked. The best way to do it is with small and smooth lines that follow the line of the eyebrow.

  1. Start by choosing a quality pencil with a fine tip, to ensure sharp edges.
  2. Then, staying within the points you marked earlier, begin to fill in your eyebrows, holding the pencil at a perpendicular angle. Use light and short movements, following the direction of the hairs to fill them. As you move toward the arch, hold the tip of the pencil up to get a thinner line. Once you have outlined your ideal shape, comb your eyebrows with a brush. Do it with a move up and out to create volume.

With Gel

This technique is more used for people with more populated eyebrows who lose the right direction. The gel is used to comb the eyebrows and put them in the position you want.

With cream

Apply the cream with a brush or small brush. The cream is more recommended for eyebrows that are sparsely populated and that need, practically, to be delineated from scratch. This method has greater coverage and definition, so it is perfect for these cases.

With shadow

shadowThis makeup is super favorable since you can choose the intensity of color you prefer to make it look more natural. Apply the shadow with an angular brush and use matt tones.

Makeup can be used to add depth and fill in spaces after plucking the eyebrows, but it is always best to fill in the eyebrows before trimming them. By doing so, it will give you a clearer way.

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