The most beautiful looks of Dakota Johnson

The most beautiful looks of Dakota Johnson

Rising star of the US cinema, Dakota Johnson handily succeeds the ultra-codified exercise of the red carpet while alternating with a casual-chic style in his daily life. Focus on his most beautiful looks.

With her clear eyes and diaphanous complexion, actress Dakota Johnson has (of course) to hold: granddaughter of Tippi Hedren, the muse of the iconic Alfred Hitchcock, daughter of actress Melanie Griffith and filmmaker Don Johnson. Its star-sparse ancestry propels it to the rank of star seed in the Hollywood landscape.

Mannequin reconverted

Revealed in the blockbuster US ” Fifty Shades of Gray “, recognized in the remake of the film. The pool of Jacques Deray, A Bigger Splash , and knighted in the remake of the film of Dario Argento Suspiria the young woman , 29, walks the shimmering carpets of Hollywood custom-made by the largest houses ( Dior , Yves Saint Laurent , Gucci , Chanel or Marc Jacobs ).

Dresses seams, all more spectacular than the others, which attest to his taste for fashion. Evidence that you know that the actress started her career as a model in the agency IMG Models, at the age of 17 years.

Its “duty-off” look

When it is far from the spotlight. Dakota Johnson opts for a casual-chic wardrobe, sometimes at the edge of the preppy. Thus, she easily twists a long dress with thin straps with white moccasins and a boater hat. In rock mood, she dons a bomber jacket on a slim. All enhanced by boots-type Santiago, a nod to its Texan origins. No doubt that at her wedding the actress will dazzle us with a dress of choice because to believe the rumor. The singer Chris Martin would be about to pass the ring on his finger.

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