The first images of Emma Watson in ‘Little Women’

The first images of Emma Watson in ‘Little Women’

We will have to wait until December 25 to see the movie, but we have already seen some images.

It is a classic of literature. The work that Louisa May Ascott wrote has been taken to the cinema on numerous occasions. But this year ‘Little Women’ has a new version for the big screen. Which adds to the two that were previously created in 1949 and 1994.

The film is directed by Greta Gerwig. Who won the Oscar for Best Director and Best Screenplay for her film Lady Bird. A few months ago it was known that the actress Emma Watson, famous for her role in the Harry Potter saga, joined the film to replace Emma Stone who had to stop being part of the cast, which caused a stir media.

Emma will be Meg, one of the four protagonist sisters in the story. Meg, Amy (Florence Pugh), Jo (Saoirse Ronan) and Beth (Eliza Scale) will once again put a face on this family’s survival story. Along with with the other well-known Hollywood names like Timothee Chalamet. Who plays Laurie, Laura Dern to Marmee and the great Meryl Streep to Josephine.

So far no images of the recording have been seen, but the first scenes have finally come to light. Even Emma Watson herself has shared them on her Instagram profile. Whose fans have gone crazy and already has more than 2 and a half million likes. Although we will have to wait until December 25 to see it complete, surely in these months will be revealing new images. We’ll be alert!

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