The best foundation for dry skin

The best foundation for dry skin

For good makeup, at any time of the year, it is so important to choose the best products for each type of skin. Which means that the first thing we have to figure out is what kind of skin we have. In my case, as I have said many times, I have dry skin. My experience as a make-up artist can assure you that life changes using the right products, especially the makeup base that makes your skin look pretty for hours.

It is worth investing a little more money in moisturizers and in a makeup base that suits you perfectly. In Spain in most sites do not allow you to return the makeup base if you do not like. Which seems fatal to me since until the tests and you take it for hours you do not know the effect or the result that will leave you. Therefore, whenever we go to buy a foundation for the first time we must try by all means to leave us some samples to test them. For those and those with dry skin, here are some recommendations that work very well for me in different dry skins.

The previous step to the base is fundamental, we must make sure that the skin is as hydrated as it needs. Even in some drier areas, we may have to influence with extra hydration. One of the firms with which more work is MAC, the good thing is that they have many makeup bases. Among them, they have the Studio Sculpt and the Studio Welterweight as the foundation for dry skin. The first is a little more opaque and the second lighter but it can be modulated until the desired coverage is achieved.

A little more expensive is the famous Yves Saint Laurent base, Touche Eclat. But its price is worth it, everything has to be said. Actually well treated it can be applied to all skin types, but for dry skin, it is a spectacular base. It’s light and satin finish is perfect for those skins a little more off due to dryness. It has medium coverage and leaves the skin very natural.

Another of the bases that I like most for dry skin is NARS, the Sheer Glow. For excessively dry skin you have to hydrate the skin a lot, as it is also suitable for normal skin. The juiciness that you leave is precious, without a doubt another of my top.

As we age, the skins dry out. Even skins that are fat as young, with time also dry. So, in the end, we can always use some of these bases, either in dry skins or more mature skins. Virtually all firms already have different types of bases for each skin. So finding a foundation for dry skin is not complicated. I already tell you, try to always try first with some sample before buying any base. You never know how it will fit with your skin.

I hope my little tips will help you!

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