Summer 2019: hats, scarves and hats

Summer 2019: hats, scarves and hats

Foulard will be synonymous with summer 2019! The scarf during the hot season now at the door will be the accessory that dictates law, the most popular object to complete our look.

The scarf is the chic touch that makes you a diva for a day. Extremely versatile, suitable for anyone and any pocket.

Scarf for every occasion

Putting a scarf on is more complicated than it seems, but there are endless combinations to choose from for a fashionable outfit.
Narrowband and small knot, perfect on long hair for a 50s style effect. Just tie the band like a headband making it pass behind the neck.

  • Turban effect, whether with a cake on top or in a pirate version, much easier to make than the first one.
  • Cross band in front, with an effect similar to a circle but much chicer.
  • Long and elegant cap and tails.
  • Chignon decoration surrounding it at the root, in perfect pin-up style.

The scarf is also perfect as a belt substitute, as a shawl, as a western-style neck cover and as a shoulder bag for the bag.
The scarf is the fashion that recalls the past. Let’s not forget about the divas that brought it with extreme class and elegance like Grace Kally, Virna
Lisi, Brigitte Bardot, Audrey Hepburn, and Queen Elizabeth II.
In addition to fashion, the scarf is perfect for discreetly covering problems related to alopecia.

Away from the hats from the closet except a few

scarves and hatsThis season the scarf wins over everything but be careful, there are perfect hats for summer 2019!
Crochet hats and hats in perfect Parisian style for the most in occasions while maxiVictorian style hats, spectacular and not at all discreet for strolling in the seaside resorts. Choose only elegance and sophistication. The must-have color of the season is absolutely white. What are you waiting for! Don’t get to summer without the most fashionable accessory!

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