Makeup for tired face

Makeup for tired face

Do you wake up in the morning with a bad face? If you subtract hours of rest, reduce hours of rest to the skin and, therefore, you are subtracting hydration and slowing down the mechanisms of natural tissue repair. The skin becomes dry and we lose the shine and natural life of it. But there are solutions so that you do not notice, like makeup tricks for a tired face.

If you woke up this morning, you looked in the mirror and you feel dumb … In Cazcarra Image School we have the solution. We show you the beauty tricks you need to recover that vitality that is missing from your face.tired face

Eliminates all signs of fatigue and stress thanks to makeup!

Illuminates the skin

Use makeup bases with a light formula, forget those very covering bases. Opt for an illuminating corrector to help you eliminate lines of expression and fatigue. Apply it especially in the dark circles to blur them and hide the dark tone. Always wear a corrector highlighter to touch up makeup during the day!

Get an illuminator that gives extra light to the face masking fatigue. Apply it in strategic areas: nasal septum, at the top of the cheekbone, in the Cupid and lacrimal arch. Do it with the tips of your fingers and from small touches. simulates perfect hydration of the skin, highlights the natural points of light that so favor the face.

Before applying makeup, you can use a serum such as Perfect Skin Serum from TEN IMAGE; It corrects optically the dull appearance of the face, illuminating the skin. Visually eliminates imperfections, minimizes pore size and provides a silky touch to the skin.

Do you have oily skin? If the answer is yes, you should know that if you suffer from fatigue the skin secretes more fat and therefore, the pore is more dilated. Our experts advise to apply a special facial cleanser for oily skin that attenuates pores, quenches skin glosses and conceals lines and expression marks. Apply only in “T Zone” (Front, nose, and chin).

Flushed your cheeks

Flee orange, brown and apricot tones and bet on pink tones; They help to brighten the face and are synonymous with health.


Refreshes the face

Use beauty water that refreshes your roster at all times. Helps to refresh, tone, tighten the skin and above all, it provides juiciness and luminosity. Also, it will help you to seal the makeup. If you still do not know the TEN IMAGE beauty water line, do not wait another minute! Two different proposals. Which is yours?Refreshes the face

Open your eyes

If there is an area of the face that most reflects fatigue, those are the eyes. Dark circles, swollen eyelids, bags, and many more signs show that our body has not been able to recover the necessary strength at night or is going through a bad time.

A good way to mitigate this sign is from anti-clogging treatments and bags, such as an eye contour that favors the reduction of the bags and attenuates the dark tone of the bags under the eyes. Products like the Eyes Relax of TEN IMAGE help to decongest the skin and stimulate the microcirculation, reducing the swelling considerably.

Add to your routine an eye contour and apply it night and day before the cream around the contour: it will help you to minimize the bags and dark circles and also to reduce the appearance of fine lines.Open your eyes

Apply mascara is a MUST, use an eyelash curler to accentuate the curl and do not apply the mask on the lower lashes. And if you do, apply only a very light layer.

Forget about making a smoky eye makeup or emphasizing the water line of the lashes with a dark tone, since all you will get is to turn off the look.

Lips with life

Something that never fails is to apply a lipstick of a cheerful tone and, in this way, focus the attention on the lips instead of on our signs of fatigue. To make it look better, it is always good to consider how to make up your lips according to their shape. And if you do not want to make up, use a lip balm or a lip gloss to make them look hydrated.

Lips with life

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