Low bows of brides that will be a trend in 2019

Low bows of brides that will be a trend in 2019

Low bridal bows

The low ones, like the bows, are a safe bet for almost all the dresses. There are also all kinds of tastes: elegant, informal low-rise bows with natural flowers … Surely you find your favorite hairstyle that matches your wedding dress.

Why wear a low bow for a girlfriend? The reasons why we recommend this type of collection is that they are very flexible when it comes to taking accessories, such as veils or natural flowers. In addition, they allow you to wear your face clear (so you can go more comfortable). If you wear a dress with your back to the air, the collection will allow you to look your back. There are many advantages, do not you think?

Low bows for brides with a veil

Within the category of low bows, we can choose between lateral and centered, regardless of the style we give it. Given our experience in hairdressing, we advise you to wear it centered, so that the dress, the veil (if you wear it), the makeup and , are in complete harmony. With this, you will be able to project an elegant and romantic style.

brides with veilIf you are going to wear a veil, here are more ideas to choose from: bridal hairstyles with long veils.

What types of bows can I wear?

  • Classics Those that never go out of style
  • With Combining a distinguished hairstyle with an informal touch.
  • Knot with a knot. The collected elegant and sophisticated.

Classic bows that never go out of style

Classic bowsThe best option to be able to wear a veil and a low bow is, without doubt, a classic pickup, because you can fix any complement better. Although they are more traditional in style, it is ideal for dresses with straight lines.

Bet on a bowed bun or volume to give glamor to your bridal look.

Low bows with twist

Low bows with twistFor a more sophisticated and somewhat fun touch, the low bow with a twist is a good idea. Combine a classic bow with a twist of some strands of hair.

Low knot shaped bow

Low knot shaped bowOf course, it is one of the simplest and most sophisticated ribbons that exist. Maybe it is not spectacular, but it is the ideal if you do not want to take anything convoluted and that is not according to your personality. The protagonist, in this case, will be your wedding dress next to the veil.

Low bows with natural flowers

If what you want is to bring natural flowers to your wedding, here we bring you the solution to show them off: low bows!

Low bows with natural flowersThe collected updo (comes from English, and is a hairstyle that involves rolling the hair on itself at the height of the neck and you have to point up) are usually worn on special occasions, as in minimalist weddings. They are ideal to wear a headband with flowers.

If your ceremony is held in an outdoor open space, our advice is that you wear a bun under your head with flowers. It is a perfect informal gathering for country or boho style weddings.

Braided bows

Braided bowsYou’ve already seen them everywhere and in past seasons, but yes, low braids with braids can also become a trend this year.

You can add braids to your low bow and that fits completely to it. It is an alternative for links that are celebrated with a rustic style.

Being more elaborate, you can do without a veil or any hair accessory.

Bows for short hair

Bows for short hairSometimes finding a pickup that you like when you have short hair can be difficult. But it is not a reason to say no to bows.

Although there are fewer options, you may find some idea that inspires you and that suits you.

One of our proposals is to imitate a bun with a volume of classic style in the lower part of the head, in the nape of the neck, that contributes a romantic style to your bridal look. We can leave a couple of loose strands and add volume to the crown.

And if not, you can take a wavy pick up with a twist-based casual style. That always looks good!

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