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Learn to choose the perfect jeans that you feel best

Who of us does not have at least one pair of jeans in their closet? They are indispensable garments for any woman and, for decades. They have not gone out of style. But over the years the jeans have been changing and there are many designs and colors. So choosing the perfect jeans is not so easy.

How to choose the perfect jeans?

In order to choose the perfect jeans, the first thing you should know is your body type. There are 5 types of figures defined that we describe below:

  • Rectangular: It is when the width of the shoulders is equal to that of the hips.
  • Triangular: Hip wider than the shoulders.
  • Hourglass: Wide hips, big breasts and small waist.
  • Round: Shoulders, waist and hips equal, a little wide.
  • Inverted triangle: Back wider than the hip.

perfect jeansOnce you recognize your body type, you can choose the perfect jeans for you. Which will highlight or hide those parts of your figure that you like or dislike.

What kind of jeans can I choose?

Not only is there a type of cowboy you can choose to make your figure look better, there are different models depending on the waist, the width of the leg and the length.

  • Rectangular body: The boyfriend model is the perfect one for this body type. This type of cowboy is tall, so it allows to enhance the waist. Try to choose some not too tight so you look beautiful.
  • Body hourglass: For being a type of more striking figure. It is better jeans without many adornments and of average height. If they are at the hip, because of the volume of the buttocks, it will be lowered in the back. Choose them in a single tone and attached to the body so that your curves are accentuated.
  • Round body: the perfect jeans for this type of body are the high ones since they serve to disguise the belly. If you can, buy them in dark tones and a little bit attached to the legs to look thinner.
  • Inverted triangle body: For this body type, the best jeans are straight and light colored.
  • Triangular body: Look for those with a straight cut on the legs, dark and preferably high waist to conceal the hips.

perfect jeans2Tips for getting the perfect jeans

Not only do you have to choose the perfect jeans that best suit your body. But you should also know how to combine them and get a model for every occasion. The jeans are a garment that give a lot of play and you should always have at least two pairs in your wardrobe to be able to make all possible combinations of looks.

  • Combine them with a black or white blouse. It will always make you look elegant and sexy with your jeans.
  • If you are short, high sandals will make your legs look longer than they are.
  • Combine your perfect jeans with a dark leather jacket , you will look very sensual and daring.
  • If you want to look like an executive, combine them with a blazer and a long-sleeved shirt.
  • The ripped jeans should know when to use them, they are very bold. So you should try to not wear them with very showy blouses.

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