Learn how to make homemade hydro lases

Learn how to make homemade hydro lases

The floral waters also known as hydro lases have a wide range of uses. Both in the field of natural cosmetics and the well-being of the home. One of the main applications of floral waters is as fragrances for the different rooms of the house. They are also used as a facial and body tonic, and even as a deodorant. In addition, the properties of hydro lases make them great for combating various disorders or conditions such as acne or insomnia.

Floral waters: what are they?

When the flowers or leaves of a certain plant are distilled, two extracts are obtained. On the one hand, acne. And, on the other hand, the essential oil. In both extracts are all the properties and benefits of the plant in question. Although in the floral water less concentrated than in the essential oil.

Therefore, hydro lases are much better suited to direct use on the skin. In changes, the essential oils must be mixed in advance with a base for later application.

Floral water is, therefore, a 100% natural liquid, with an exquisite aroma. Which offers all the properties of the plant to the skin. Its applications in the cosmetic field are very broad: cleansing lotion, refreshing mist, perfume, homemade tonic, etc.

homemade hydrolates

How to prepare homemade hydro lases step by step

If you want to take advantage of all the cosmetic uses of floral waters. You will be interested to know that you can prepare hydro lases at home quickly and easily. The steps to follow are these:

  • Collect the flowers that will be used to make the floral waters. Depending on what your application will be, they can be one or the other. For example, if the hydrolases are going to be used to soothe acne. It is best to opt for chamomile flowers since they have antiseptic and soothing properties. On the other hand, if they are going to be used to perfume the home, jasmine or lavender are great options.
  • Put in a glass bowl and wash with plenty of warm water. It must be done carefully so that the flowers break, avoiding applying water at high pressure. Then, let them drain in a colander to release the water.
  • Once the petals of the flowers are dry, they are placed in a large bottle or glass jar and 300 ml of distilled water are added. It is stirred very well with a wooden spoon so that it does not lose its properties and the jar is closed hermetically. Then, let it rest in a dark area, covered with a dark rag.
  • Once 24 hours have elapsed, the bottle is opened and 300 ml of pharmacy alcohol and 50 drops of essential oil are added. All the ingredients are mixed again and the bottle is closed. You have to leave again in a dark place, this time for 72 hours.
  • When the time has elapsed, strain it with a sieve and then, using a funnel, introduce the water into a smaller glass jar with sprayer.
  • The best thing is that the bottle in which the floral waters are going to be stored is definitely dark. In this way, the aroma will be preserved much better.

It is best to store this bottle in a dry and dark place, away from heat sources such as radiators. Making homemade hydrolases is very simple and its benefits are very broad. Depending on the use that will be given to the floral waters. You can prepare several bottles with different flowers and store them for different occasions.

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