How to make up fallen and wrinkled eyelids

How to make up fallen and wrinkled eyelids

The drooping eyelids are something that worries many people, even make-up artists when it comes to face makeup with eyelids drooping and wrinkled. The reality is that with age the eyelids tend to fall and the skin wrinkles. But not all drooping eyelids are a consequence of age. There are also looks with drooping eyelids by genetics or by natural facial appearance.

But do not spread panic! It is just as easy and beautiful to make up fallen eyelids and wrinkled. We just have to know and know some tips and tricks. Above all, what we have to have as a fundamental premise is that what we are going to do is disguise and NOT highlight an eyelid that is overcast and wrinkled. It is not necessary that we use extra accessories such as those patches of the oriental ones. That way we will have something artificial. With good makeup, we can get beautiful out of every look, whatever it is.

When the mobile eyelid is overcast we should work on the overcast as if it were a normal eyelid. I will go step by step:

  • Whatever technique we use (mark basin or smoked), the tone of the matte shadow should go over the overcast eyelid, even if we pass over the wrinkles. In this way, the optical effect is that the eyelid is smooth and with the same volume. If we use an iridescent or glossy shadow, it is important that we leave it in the center of the eyelid and that it does not exceed the fold made by the overcast. Otherwise, we will not attract attention to the wrinkle.
  • If the eyelid covers the entire mobile eyelid, it is best to work with the smoked technique (you can gossip the video step by step to make a smoky ) and cover the entire eyelid, rising above the fold, with a matte shadow. Then blur it. If we want to put points of light, that is in the lacrimal or just below the eyebrow.
  • To delineate this type of eyes, it is best to darken the line of the eyelashes without thickening the line, but it will make an effect of depth on the mobile eyelid and will highlight more the crease of the eyelid.
  • If we want to get out of the corner, it is very important that we do it with the open eye facing forward, to take the lower line of the eye to make the inclination. If we follow the line of the upper lashes, the eyeliner will remain down and will make us the eye dropped.
  • Finally, one of my favorite tricks for a drooping eyelid is to put false eyelashes of groups on the outside of the eye. This will lift it and disguise any crease or wrinkle.

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