How to make social makeup

How to make social makeup

Today we call social makeup any beauty makeup day or night. Either to go to work, to dinner, attend an event or make up for New Year’s Eve. As beauty makeup is done to personal taste, establishing a general pattern of how to do social makeup would not be the most appropriate.

So today I’m going to tell you some general tips to make good social makeup either day or night. One of the first keys is to choose well the type of makeup that we want to wear, which is appropriate for the occasion. If we are going to make up with a basic look to go a normal day to work, the ideal would be to make a soft makeup, with neutral tones, enhancing light and rosy skin. For that, correct hydration of the skin is very important. I always recommend flowing textures to unify the tone of the skin, be it foundation or cream with color. A bit of concealer in areas where there is color, such as eyes or some redness.

If it is a skin with a tendency to generate shine during the day. We will shade the face a little with fine powders and a loose brush. You can take a look at the blog I published on how to make up a greasy skin. Always remembering that we want a light and fresh skin, with luminosity. The pink blush or salmon can not be missing in social makeup. If it is daytime it will be a little lighter, it can even be cream.
The lips can wear a natural gloss, a Vaseline or some creamy lipstick that gives us a bit of tone. I do not recommend matte tones for daytime social make-up, as they add a lot of hardness to the face.

social makeupIf we look for how to make a social makeup at night, the skin can have more coverage, and the protagonism will have the eyes or the lips (or both) according to what they ask us or what we want. We will also dedicate some time to modulate the face a bit with bronzer or dark base to create a contour. Depending on the occasion, the points of light we will do with brightness or without.

In the eyes, we intensify the basin with a darker tone and in the center of the eyelid. We put a bright and clear tone that makes contrast and provides light. Another option is to smoke in a single tone. Personally for dinner or evening events, smoked I love them!

Whatever the makeup and the technique used. Something that can not be missing in social makeup at night is to highlight the line of the eyelashes with a pencil. Be it black, brown, green or blue. And load the lashes well. Do not forget the eyebrows in these cases. They always have to be well worked to frame the intensity of eye makeup. The lips are always a free choice when deciding how to make social makeup. But in night make-up they have to wear make-up, yes or yes!

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