How to choose the right swimsuit for your body

How to choose the right swimsuit for your body

Choosing the right swimsuit can make the difference between seeing you sensual or going unnoticed. A good design with the right measures for your body can highlight your attributes and hide the imperfections. How do we know you would love to look gorgeous while you sunbathe. We have prepared this article to choose the right swimsuit. Look beautiful on the beach we have prepared this article.

Recommendations for choosing the right swimsuit

The first thing you should know is that all women are beautiful, regardless of the type of body they have. You can look sexy on the beach or in the pool by just choosing the right swimsuit. The important thing is that swimsuit gives you security. When it comes to wearing it and that’s why you should pay attention to the following tips.right swimsuit

Size of the hip

If you are narrow hip and wide back you should avoid wearing a swimsuit that has too much volume at the top. Instead, you must wear two-piece suits that have ruffles on the part of the panty. This balances your figure because it creates an illusion of wider hips that are offset by the width of the shoulders.

Women with wide hips should do the opposite that is, they should not choose a swimsuit with applications on the bottom. In this case, they are also advised to wear a swimsuit that has dark colors on the bottom to hide a bit the size of the hips.

Waist size

A type of swimsuit is favored by hourglass-shaped bodies. You can try dresses with geometric cuts in the front or simulate an hourglass. If these are not to your liking, you can choose those complete that carry details near the chest line. So all the attention will be focused on the top.

right swimsuit
If you have a wide waist because of being overweight. It is best that you forget the two-piece suits because they do not favor your figure. The best thing is to choose a bikini or a full bathing suit that has some type of internal girdle. A panel that controls and maintains the abdomen, ideally they are printed with dark diagonal stripes that allow defining your silhouette.

Breast size

A very large chest can play tricks on you when you wear a bikini in the shape of a triangle, with these bathing suits you can look sexy, but it is not so comfortable. The important thing for bulky girls is to choose the swimsuit more support you give the chest, and this is achieved with bathing suits that have thick strips, ring, cup, and closure in the back, no need to take too many Appliques on the chest part.

But if you definitely do not resist the bikinis with the top part in the form of a triangle. You should try not to let it fall too far.

right swimsuit
Women with small breasts are favored by bikinis that wear across the top, Halter type or the famous Balconet neckline with Push Up. Small breasts can play at the top with textures such as draping that conceal their size very well. These girls are also very well seen the full swimsuits with deep necklines to the navel.

The length of your legs

right swimsuitCreating the effect of longer legs makes your body look more stylized. So if your legs are short, you must choose the right swimsuit to create this effect. If you like those two pieces you should avoid those with thick strips in the panties, and instead use those that are held by very thin strips. If you can not use these types of suits because your waist is very wide, then use a full high- waisted swimsuit.

Size of the buttocks

If you have a small but you can use a bikini that has ruffles on the back of the panties. You can also try vintage styles, or play with prints like stripes or polka dots and textures like draping. The big butt girls can use the vintage styles or the famous thread thongs in solid colors to give more elegance to the swimsuit.the buttocks

If you have flaccidity or cellulitis

If you have flaccidity or cellulite in the legs, you can use a pareo as a compliment. To avoid covering too much and to make your bikini look good, you can use woven or translucent sarongs. Other alternatives are to wear short skirts or shorts, that you can wear open to feel more attractive and sensual. Try to contrast the color with the panties of your bikini.

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