How to choose the best sports bra

How to choose the best sports bra

There are bras of all shapes and colors, and to feel more comfortable. When it comes to sports, it is good to have a sports bra that works best for you. You should not only look for the one that looks nicer, nor the one that is necessarily more comfortable. But the one that has the right support for the exercise that you are going to carry out. Keep in mind that the chest is one of the most sensitive parts of the woman and you should take care of it in the same way as other parts of your body.

Keep in mind that, when running, for example, the breasts move up, down, and to both sides and the sports bra must decrease this movement by 50 – 60% approximately. These bounces, if not prevented, can cause Cooper’s ligaments – the ones that give the breast the necessary support – to stretch permanently and, therefore, the breast to fall out. In addition to sagging breasts, an inadequate sports bra can cause back pain and long-term problems due to poor posture. Below, we will give you some recommendations so that you feel comfortable and exercise in the best possible way with the right sports bra for you.

Tips for choosing the best sports bra

best sports bra
Choose a bra of your size

The first thing you should keep in mind is the size. It is important that you always try on the bra before buying it , to make sure that the size you are buying is correct. Remember that not all sizes are the same and that they vary according to the brand and model. When you have it on, verify that it is comfortable and that you are free to do all the movements without the bust moving too much.

Select one according to your cup

With regard to the cups, if you usually have the size A or B. It is better to use tight sports bras that are like a top. If you have the C or D is not recommended that you use a bra so compressive. You must use those that hold each breast separately.

Bet on a comfortable and breathable bra

With respect to the material and the seams, it is important that it does not bother you. The seams should be flat, and if you do not have them, better. The material must be breathable , preferably those with climacool or dry fit technology. Which allows you to perspire but at the same time be dry and comfortable.

Buy your sports bra depending on the type of sport you do

Last but not least, you have to think about the type of sport you are going to do with your bra . There are high, medium and low impact sports or exercises : High impact sports are those where there is a lot of movement, such as running; those of medium impact are cycling, or fast walks; and those of low impact have very little movement, among them are yoga and pilates.

As the name suggests, high impact are those that need more support, and those with low impact do not need a bra so compressive or with so much grip. The bras that have more support are those that are narrower in the back, but are only one piece. On the other hand , those who have crossed strips have an intermediate support. And those who have strips without crossing are those with less support .

best sports bra
How to wash and maintain your sports bra?

If you want your new sports bra to last long enough and take advantage of it. Here are some tips to wash and keep them:

  • Wash the bra in cold water with a mild detergent. It is best done by hand, since some washing programs use a very strong spin that can break some straps of the bra and leave it unusable.
  • Avoid softener and bleach.
  • When drying it, it is best to hang it by the bottom seam. If you want to use the dryer, program the cold-drying cycle . It is important that you do not use the usual program because heat breaks down the material and the fastener deforms.

We hope that with all these tips you can choose the sports bra that suits you according to your characteristics and the sport you practice. Remember that you should always feel comfortable to practice any exercise well.

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