How to bring hair back to life after summer

How to bring hair back to life after summer

Summer is wonderful. It fills our lives with sunshine, warmth, baths, soccer games with children, aperitifs with friends, walks, Uni bet football odds and fun. We always try to enjoy it to the fullest, and be careful in the process to take care of our body and our hair. But as we all know, the atmospheric agents, the sun, the saltiness, subject our body to a lot of stress. A great job to do to make our hair healthy and shiny again.

If you have spent the summer at the seaside. You have surely noticed how the wind, the sun and the salt have made your hair dry and lifeless. Even washing them every day is negative, as a constant cleaning means that the scalp does not have time to regenerate the oils that cover, nourish and protect the hair. The result is that these become dry and empty. Looking more like straw than a natural hair, beautiful and strong.

So how do you do it, despite the care and attention your hair has lost strength and shine during the summer months?

Here are some simple tips that can help you. Some of these may seem simple and obvious. But simplicity is the best solution to keep the body healthy.
  1. Back from vacation, the best thing would be to cut the hair, to remove the tips burned by the sun and the sea. A trim eliminates the damaged part and also helps the hair to grow faster and healthier.
  2. Having heat-stressed hair. You will want to avoid the latter as much as you can. The best thing therefore, when you wash them. It would be to avoid the use of the hair dryer, and above all of the plate.
  3. During the wash, perform a brief but intense massage on the scalp, to revive its circulation.
  4. Always make a final rinse with cold water, or better yet, water diluted with vinegar (better if apples). This helps make them less frizzy and brighter.
  5. Try to avoid using products containing silicone and chemicals. The ideal would be to buy only natural products, but if you succeed, at least try to avoid those with high content of parables, silicone, PEG and the like.
  6. For the same reason, try to avoid chemical dyes, which stress your hair even more. If you need to retouch the color, a good alternative could be henna; if, on the other hand, you’re interested in giving your hair just a bit of life and light, summer would already have to help with this. So it would be better to wait.
  7. masks and natural wrapsMake masks and natural wraps to moisturize and nourish your hair. Which has suffered a lot of stress on vacation. There are very simple packs that can be made at home, using corn starch, water, honey and olive oil, for example. To these ingredients can be added others to feed more, such as banana, avocado, egg, yogurt, cocoa, etc. There are many combinations and the web is full of ideas about it. A pack of an hour or to be kept all night, will help your hair to gain strength and vitality.
  8. Nourish yourself in a healthy way and hydrate your body. The hydration of the hair, as well as that of the skin, starts from the inside. The best way to help a dry hair is to hydrate yourself, stocking up on fruit and vegetables, and drinking lots of water. Healthy eating leads to a healthy body and wonderful hair.

The ideal would be to follow a similar routine throughout the year. But if you feel you do not have the time or the possibility, try at least to perform these steps and repeat them for a few weeks. So as to give your hair how much it has lost. while you enjoy the holidays.

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