Hairstyles for brides with short hair

Hairstyles for brides with short hair

Hairstyles for brides with short hair

Yes! Brides with short (or very short) hair can also wear different hairstyles on their wedding day.

It is about keeping your essence and your personality through a comfortable, simple and elegant hairstyle.

We propose several ideas of hairstyles with short hair brides that will help you decide or inspire you, but if you doubt how to combine hair with makeup and dress, do not hesitate to consult our team of hairdressers and make-up artists in Madrid.

Bridal hairstyles for short hair (shoulder length)
Waves have undone, a great success

The best option if you want to try something different and fresh is the undone waves. The idea is to take the line to one side and the other part fixed behind the ear (and fixed) so that it is a side that stands out. In this way, you will have a clearer face and you will be able to wear some pretty earrings.

If you have fine hair, our hairdressers recommend applying some foam on the tips to give more volume. Also, it does not matter how long you have your hair because it is a very flattering hairstyle.

We like this hairstyle with a balayage, what do you think of it? Would you take it?

hairstyle balayage

Smooth with inward tips

You have straight hair and you love it. Well do not think about it anymore: give a simple touch to your short hair by combing the tips inwards.

Smooth inward tipsIn this case, the line may go in between or to one side, depending on how you favor more and the accessories or headgear that you will wear.

Some bows

Yes yes, you read correctly, if you have short hair (up to the shoulders, or half hair), you also have the option of wearing low bows during your wedding day.

It is true that there are fewer options, but that does not mean that you do not like any.

Some bowsOne of our proposals is to imitate a bun with a volume of classic style in the lower part of the head, in the nape of the neck, that contributes a romantic style to your bridal look. We can leave a couple of loose strands and add volume to the crown.

Twist or braids to have a clear face

What do you think about the idea of wearing a face without any hair that bothers you? We know that you are going to spend many hours outside and do not want anything to bother you. That’s why we give you the following idea: wear your forehead with a twist or a braid. You can combine it with your earrings.

Twist or braidsWe have a couple of options to wear braids or twist: it can be in the form of a headband on the right front, more romantic style, or side. Personally, we like braids or wide loops, because they add volume and are even more natural.

What if I have very short hair?

Well, if you have very short hair, nothing happens, you will enjoy and you will remain the same. Maybe you want to bring a different bridal look, that you can wear with your dress and become (even more) in the center of attention. For these reasons, we have brought to this post up to three ideas of cuts and hairstyles for future brides with very short hair that you can wear on day B.

Cut Bob

Cut bobBut what is the bob cut? You may know this cut as “three quarters” since it is the length of the hair. The mane falls to the height of the neck, being shorter behind and longer ahead. Over the years, this cut has evolved, so the cut bob can also be as short in front as behind (up to the earlobe).

This gives the hairdressers many possibilities to comb the hair: curly, wavy, smooth and with or without bangs.

The best thing about this cut is that you can bring accessories and headdresses, as they will look as they should.

Pixie style for the most daring

Continuing with the casual styles, one of the ideas is to bring the pixie cut with soft waves.

Pixie styleIf you go without a veil, we advise you to use other types of accessories such as tiaras, flower crowns or bright earrings, as they will bring that special touch to your bridal look.

Other styles: collected from the 20s

bridal hairstyleWhen women decided to cut their hair, this style triumphed. You can choose this wave look from the 20s for your bridal hairstyle.

Chic accessories to carry

What are the supplements to carry?

  • Headpieces: brooches, headbands, chains of diamonds …
  • Crowns flowers
  • More striking and/or longer earrings

Chic accessoriesAre you ready for your new bridal hairstyle? As you have seen, short hair poses no difficulty for us hairdressers. There are several ideas of collected and cuts that can make you feel special during your wedding day without giving up your style.

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