Coloring fashion for hair

In March we welcome spring and with it, a new season. Do you want to start bragging about an incredible blow? In today’s article, we tell you what are the latest trends in coloring fashion  so you can renew your look without having to cut your hair.

Blonde with root effect

Forget about the hard maintenance that the blond has opting to color the root of darker hair from the beginning or to preserve the tone of your hair and go creating clearer “natural highlights”. Look at how Sabina Socol looks!

Sabina Socol looks

The copper red is the cane!

The copper tones will also be a trend this spring-summer 2019. Warm copper tones are more natural and manage to soften the features. They bring a lot of light to the face, but they also need some extra care and a quite frequent touch-up. Look at the coppery red of Louise Ebel!

copper red

Chocolate brown never fails!

A tone that never goes out of style and that favors any face. Apart from a lot of hydration, this tone does not need much retouching or too much extra care.

Chocolate brown

Long live fantasy tones!

Living Coral

Living Coral
You’ve been getting used to seeing it in clothes and accessories for almost three months. The Pantone color of the year could not be less this year. Why not give this tone a try in your hair? The living coral is a very powerful orange tone. But it has many variations that you can adapt to your hair according to the skin tone, the cut you have or the types of trend collection. A sweeter tone that will remind you more of the peach tone or an extreme electric tone that will make you think of the famous marine coral.

The Ultraviolet

The Ultraviolet
It is still a trend, and especially in the hair. The lilac hair is impressive and has more possibilities than you imagine. You can dye it in a single color or achieve a subtle tone mixing it with gray, blond and brown tones. A tone similar to the pink gold hair fashion.


The silver tone is fashionable, either in all the hair, in the form of wicks, balayage and in all the hair. Whether you prefer it very light or darker, the first step will always be the discoloration. As will practically all the fantasy colors that exist. So if you already have very fine and brittle hair, you better abstain.

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