3 incredible uses of sugar in your beauty routines

3 incredible uses of sugar in your beauty routines

Sugar is another of those foods that our grandmothers used to keep their skin beautiful and free of dead cells and hair. A homemade exfoliant and a natural depilatory of the most effective, is also a powerful moisturizer. Today you can find numerous cosmetics that have sugar as one of its main ingredients. Its richness in glycolic acid makes sugar one of those ideal products in natural cosmetics. Although not everyone can use it since it can be irritating for very sensitive skin.

If you want to know when and how you can use it in this article. We collect 3 amazing uses of sugar in your beauty routines. Keep this in mind in your next purchases and turn your pantry into a source of remedies.

What properties does sugar have as a beauty remedy?

Although we have already pointed out one or another, sugar has a wide variety of use as cosmetic products. Thus, sugar can bring beauty to both our skin and our hair. The sugar particles are ideal for removing dead skin cells, leaving it very soft and beautiful. It can be used on the hands, feet, elbows, knees and, very carefully, on our face. As an exfoliant, it is also ideal to eliminate and descale the incarnated hair on the skin. As well as folliculitis.

It is also moisturizing, revitalizing the hair with dye, as well as a powerful ally to eliminate stains and wrinkles thanks to the amount of glycolic acid it has. But how can we use all these properties of sugar?

1. To moisturize the skin

Brown sugar is ideal to retain the natural moisture of the skin, exfoliate the face, remove dead cells and open pores. For its application, you can resort to making a homemade mask with two tablespoons of brown sugar and one of pure honey.

Another recipe to exfoliate the skin is to mix a spoonful of brown sugar with cinnamon and a few drops of warm water. Try to always use unrefined sugar and make sure that it does not irritate your skin by always testing your forearm first.

2. Revitalize and nourish your hair

Sugar can also help you regenerate your hair and scalp with just applying it in the form of a homemade hair mask. To do this you must mix two tablespoons of brown sugar with a quarter of a cup of coconut oil. It is applied throughout the hair, avoiding the roots in the case that your hair is oily or has a tendency to it. Leave the mixture to act for about 10 minutes. The type of masks will also promote the revitalization of colored or dyed hair.

3. Remove spots and wrinkles

As we have already pointed out, sugar has glycolic acid, being a basic component for the elaboration of cosmetics indicated for the elimination of wrinkles and skin spots. If you have acne or any type of skin condition you should consult your doctor or dermatologist first. You can resort to sugar or cosmetics with sugar as exfoliants or even. If you can exfoliate your skin and how often.

Be that as it may, always decide for the brown sugar to make your cosmetic treatments. Since it is less harsh, is ideal to use in the most sensitive areas and on the face. The refined sugar or white sugar is somewhat harder, while the crystal sugar should not be used in aesthetic treatments because it is much rougher. Also, and to make the skin softer. You can make the mask by mixing sugar with honey in equal parts.

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