10 tips for skin with acne

10 tips for skin with acne

The Acne is a disease characterized by inflammation of the sebaceous glands. So in the skin with acne appear pimples and zits, both the face and back.

Most times, acne appears due to causes such as excessive production of fat, obstruction of the hair follicles due to improper cleaning of the face, dead cells, bacteria or excess of androgens … On the other hand, there is an extensive group of people with skin prone to acne. Whether you have an outbreak of acne or if you have it regularly … we know how to help you!

Here are 10 tips that will help you take care of your skin, reducing the chances of acne.

1. Create a cleaning routine

We recommend that you thoroughly clean your face twice a day. The first, it must be in the morning to eliminate the sebum that has occurred while we sleep. The second, it must be at night, to remove the makeup or simply, all the pollution that has gone through your skin during the day. It is also recommended not to touch your face a lot during the day and to maintain correct hygiene of towels, pillows or anything that may come into contact with our face.cleaning routine

2. Exfoliate the skin of the face well

By exfoliating the skin we allow it to breathe much better and remove dead cells, ensuring that the appearance of granites diminishes, hence the importance of exfoliating treatments, especially in sensitive skin and with acne.

3. Use suitable products

We must use products whose function is to alleviate the symptoms of skin with acne, that is, to indicate that they are suitable for this type of skin or that they have written: “non-comedogenic and hypo-allergenic” in the containers. Make sure you also use oil free products.

4. Get hydrated well!

Although it is true that the function of the moisturizer is to provide more moisture to power the tissues of the skin, a person with a tendency to acne needs to be properly hydrated, since, on the contrary, it would increase the appearance of sebum, accelerating the appearance of grain. We recommend you look for the one that best suits your skin.

hydrated well

5. Eat healthily and sleep well

Obviously, you can eat everything, but if you have sensitive skin and a tendency to acne, we recommend increasing the portions of fruits and vegetables in the diet and eliminate, or at least reduce the fritters. It is advisable to sleep for approximately 8 hours and avoid stress.

6. Wear non-comedogenic makeup

This is the name of makeup products that have a texture that does not obstruct the pores of the skin. They are easy to find and there are many more than we think.

7. Protect yourself from the sun

If you have a strict routine of care, it is very important that the protective photo you choose adapts to your skin or meets the following requirements:

  • Formulated with 100% mineral UV filters, since chemical filters contain grease and leave shine.
  • Light texture, satisfying and transparent finish.
  • That protects from UVA, UVB and IR rays.
  • SPF 30+ or SPF 50+.
  • Oil-free, fat -free
  • Not comedogenic
  • Tested on sensitive skin and without perfume.

crema face
8. Try a facial serum

By having an active concentration much higher than a moisturizer, the Facial Serum is much more effective, as it is able to reach the deeper layers of the skin. They also tend to have a lighter texture and are easily absorbed.

9. Cleaning brush?

Cleaning brush
Yes, the cleaning or sonic brush is much more effective than manual cleaning, since it cleanses the dirt that clogs the pores and renews the texture, leaving the skin softer, more flexible and brighter. Before using it, look carefully at the hygiene time in each area.

10. Sport is good for everything!

Although it is true that excessive sweating can increase the chances of appearance of pimples, exercise can be used for a healthy life and reduce acne, since it decreases anxiety and sweating, exfoliates and cleanses impurities. Of course, take care of your skin after exercising!

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